CCAA’s Annual Caribbean-Central America Profile

The Caribbean-Central America Profile is published by JTZ Publishing Ltd. for Caribbean-Central American Action. JTZ Publishing Ltd. is a subsidiary of JTZ Limited with a combined mission of “Joining Trade Zones”. The JTZ group is headquartered in Trinidad & Tobago.

As the most comprehensive publication regarding the region, the Caribbean-Central America Profile is designed to promote public and private investment in the Caribbean Basin and is an essential planning tool for those with regional interests. The Caribbean-Central America Profile  provides corporate leaders and strategic planners around the globe with trusted political and socio-economic information.

Loaded with up-to-date and informative content, the Caribbean-Central America Profile 2018 Edition includes key economic indicators, economic summaries and forecasts, trade and investment incentives, and important business contacts to assist senior executives and decision makers in formulating short- and long-term business strategies. Current and concise Sector Summaries include essential facts about the financial services, telecommunications, energy, tourism, manufacturing, agribusiness, and communications sectors for individual countries and the region in its entirety – quality information to help you make those important business decisions.

The 2018 Profile features detailed profiles for each country in the Caribbean and Central America, plus four South American countries bordering on the Caribbean Sea. This is an essential tool for those who have regional responsibilities or are involved in key business decisions. If you would like to purchase a copy of the Caribbean-Central America Profile 2018 Edition in print for $50.00, please download a copy of the 2018 Profile Order Form and submit it via e-mail to


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