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Rebuild. Rethink. Resilience

March 56 2018
The 2017 hurricane season caused unprecedented damage throughout the Caribbean and the southern United States. This event was organized to examine the political and financial investment needed to rebuild, rethink some of the traditional approaches to disaster preparedness, and advance partnerships for resilience as we prepare for future natural disasters.

41st Annual Conference on the Caribbean and Central America

CCAA hosted its 41st Annual Conference on the Caribbean & Central America,  from November 15-17, 2017 in Miami, Florida. The core of the program has always focused on bringing together senior public and private sector leaders to discuss trade, economic and policy issues to encourage understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the region, and 2017 was no different. Key speakers in 2017 included Ambassador Kenneth Merten (US Department of State), Jamaican Entrepreneur Michael Lee Chin (Portland Holdings), and Royal Caribbean CEO, Adam Goldstein, who focused on the real challenges faced by the Caribbean in the face of a very active and destructive hurricane season in 2017.

The Transformational Economy: Perspectives and Opportunities for Guyana’s Private Sector

In September 2017, CCAA hosted “The Transformational Economy: Perspectives and Opportunities for Guyana’s Private Sector” in Georgetown, Guyana, in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank and other partners and sponsors. This program brought together Guyana’s leading government and private sector stakeholders, as well as international experts in economic development, energy, trade, and logistics industries for two days of discussions on the challenges and opportunities that Guyana’s private sector will face as exploration of its recent oil finds bears fruit. Participants from throughout the Caribbean, the US, England and Malaysia provided valuable insight on a range of issues and industry challenges.


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