Costs Associated In 3D Rendering – Enhancing Your Awareness

3D rendering has quickly become a large part of the product creation equation. A 3D rendering of an architectural project can help to reduce risk and save money. Most professional architects include a 3D render as part of their projects so that clients have a better understanding of what the finished project will look like.

The cost associated with rendering can vary based on the overall complexity of what’s being rendered. For instance, a fully animated render of an architectural building could cost an upwards of $7,000. However a single room of a house could cost less than $200 per view.

In order to better understand what a 3D rendering could cost, let’s take a closer look at the factors govern their price as well as the price associated with specific renders.

Types of Architectural Renderings

All 3D architectural rendering will involve some form of building. However, different renderings are capable of different things.

For instance, an animated tour will allow clients to see the space from many angles. Where-as an image is a static photograph of what a space might look like. And just like most service-oriented businesses, architectural 3D rendering also has both outsourced and in-housed services that each has their set of advantages and disadvantages. For a clearer understanding, I encourage you to carefully study this guide on outsource 3D rendering.

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The detail being used, the expertise of the renderer, and the type of render will all have an impact on how much the render will cost. Meaning, the more detailed something is, the more you’ll pay in labor fees.

The Overall Cost of 3D Rendering

Let’s take a look at the different types of rendering available as well as their price.

Again, the cost of a 3D rendering will depend on the work involved, the file size, and the details/scope provided by the client.

Average 3D rendering prices:

3D Render View Cost
Exterior – Residential $200 – $1000
Exterior – Commercial (small) $350 – $1000
Exterior – Commercial (Large) $700 – $2500
Interior – Residential $250 – $750
Interior – Commercial $300 – $1500
3D Floor Plans $50 – $500
2D Colored Floor Plans $50 – $500
2D Black and White Floor Plans $20 – $200

Note that these prices are averages after looking at the costs from a variety of sources.

What Impacts the Cost of 3D Rendering


The quicker you need something done, the faster the price goes up. Typically the output quality will also diminish. Put simply, you can’t get the same level of detail in a short period of time.


Size of the Files

The more detailed an image is the longer it’s going to take to render; For example, large images used for advertising purposes. These images also require expensive hardware in the form of GPUs and CPUs. The cost associated with using this hardware is factored into the equation as well.

Experience of the Artist

As you might expect, experience costs money. In an effort to save money, many companies will opt to work with a new renderer only to be underwhelmed with the output. However working with someone with the adequate skill-set is essential. Having to go back and fix mistakes is both a financial burden and a time-waster.

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Final Thoughts

Please note that standardized pricing in the 3D modeling and rendering industry is. There are a number of factors at play, all of which affect the overall price. For instance, who is the render for? How many views do you need? Always be wary of companies that attempt to lure you with higher rates if they haven’t even seen your project files or plans  yet.

Communication is a key component of making a 3D render successful and customer service is paramount, especially if you’re looking for a quote. Attempt to provide as many details as possible. This helps both you and the team performing the render.