Fourteen Leadership Principles to Become an Effective Leader


Good leadership is what makes a successful business. However, many have failed in this aspect. Sometimes, the problem with leadership is being too good and confident about ourselves to the point that we forget that we have to give credit to those who worked hard as well. Leadership is not only about working by yourself … Read more

Indirect Compensation: What You Need to Know

Employee Resigns

Everybody loves freebies and bonuses, especially inside the workplace. These benefits will inspire them to work more and do more for the company. That’s why as a business leader, you must know the importance of giving benefits to your employees for the all their effort. And this is where indirect compensation enters the scene, which … Read more

How to Handle Disgruntled Employees


Being a business leader, one of your duties is to keep all your employees happy. Failing to do so is a recipe for disaster and will lead to all kinds of negativity that will affect your company as a whole. That’s why whenever you see a disgruntled employee, make sure to take action as soon … Read more

The Difference Between Brand and Company


There seems to be a fine line between Brand and Company. It’s hard not to mix them one way to another because both are related to business. In simple terms, a company can legally happen quickly. Whereas a brand is built over time. People say a brand is just a name that people will think … Read more