Caribbean-Central American Action hosts its 39th Annual Conference on the Caribbean & Central America: “A New Era in Regional Integration” 

From November 15-17, 2015, experts from the areas of business, government, academia and civil society, will meet at the Hyatt Regency in Miami to discuss the evolution of trade and investment in the Caribbean Basin as the United States moves towards the normalization of relations with Cuba.
Join Caribbean-Central American Action for two days of panels and networking, as we examine trade and investment trends in the Caribbean Basin and the impact of an emergent Cuba. Panels will revolve around four central themes:

  • Policy: how has Cuba changed the framework of national, regional and international policies in, and towards, the Caribbean Basin? As the Caribbean and Central America manage their collective and individual relationships with Cuba, has the necessary motivation been given to the region to create a more competitive environment for trade and investment?
  • Business: what are the emerging opportunities in telecommunications, agriculture, travel, transportation and infrastructure, energy, and entrepreneurship? Who are the new players and what are the sector trends?
  • Regulations: The rules and regulations for doing business in Cuba are evolving and three expert workshops will give an overview of what U.S. and regional investors need to know. What are the prevailing U.S. laws for doing business with Cuba? What are the Cuban laws that companies should be aware of? And how does a business person deal with navigating the financial transactions?
  • Functional cooperation: In disaster preparedness, health and medicine, and education and sports, there has been regional collaboration for many years. What are the new avenues for broader cooperation? And how can we expect to see this grow as the region becomes more integrated?

Join us in Miami for CCAA39 and meet the people with their fingers on the pulse of these issues.
Registration is now open for CCAA39, and for a limited time only CCAA is offering a discounted registration; an early bird rate of $500.00 will be available to all participants through July 31, 2015.
If you would like to discuss sponsorship, please contact Gwendolyn Siegel at or (202) 464-2031.