Dear Colleague;

From November 15-17, Caribbean Central American Action (CCAA) will be hosting the 39th Annual Conference on the Caribbean and Central America, at the Hyatt Regency in Miami, Florida. This year the Conference will feature plenary sessions and panel discussions built around the theme of “A New Era in Regional Integration”.

The December 17, 2014, announcement of the rapprochement between the United States and Cuba immediately triggered strategy debates throughout Central America and the Caribbean on what this might mean to the future political and economic reality of the region. The relationship between Cuba and its neighbors has been close and mutually important over the years, and this will not change. What it will do is create new urgency for discussion about how this relationship is recalibrated and how the United States, Cuba, the Caribbean and Central America can work together to advance regional prosperity.

To this end, we are pleased to announce that all sides will be with us at CCAA39 and can now confirm that there will be an official delegation representing Cuba. The slate currently includes:

  • Mr. Ruben Ramos Arrieta, Minister Counselor, Economic and Trade Office, Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in Washington, D.C.;
  • Dr. Antonio F. Romero Gomez, Centre for the Study on the International Economy, University of Havana;
  • Mr. Yulieski Vigoa Barzaga, and Mr. Boris Luis Gómez Valdés-Ávila, Department of Political and Economic Affairs, Office of the Director General – United States Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cuba;
  • Dr. Ricardo Torres, Research Economist, Centre for the Study of the Cuban Economy, University of Havana;

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Do not miss out; engage in 2015’s most interactive, informative discussion on the future of our region.

Register today; we look forward to seeing you in Miami.


Caribbean-Central American Action

CCAA’s Annual Conference on the Caribbean and Central America continues to be the premiere trade and policy forum for the countries of the Caribbean Basin. With the theme “Cuba, the Caribbean, and Central America: A New Era in Regional Integration,” the 2015 Conference will focus on the implications of the normalization of U.S. Cuba relations, particularly in the context of overall economic development in Central America and the Caribbean.

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Registration is now open for “CCAA39”. To register, please fill out and return the enclosed registration form or visit to register online today. Discounts for groups, government, ngo’s and sponsors are available.

For sponsorship opportunities, or for further information on participating at the event, please contact Gwendolyn Siegel at or (202) 464-2031.

Hotel Accommodations
A limited number of rooms at the group rate are still available at the host hotel, the Hyatt Regency Miami.  To access the reservations portal, please click here or contact CCAA at with any questions