April 3, 2017 | Washington, D.C.

The death of David Rockefeller inspires positive recollections of his various roles in the business and nonprofit worlds. He was clearly one of the leading international figures of the last century.  In the business arena, under his leadership, Chase Manhattan Bank became a pillar of the world banking system. In the nonprofit sector, he was an influential Board member of a number of important foreign policy think tanks and had dealing with several U.S. presidents. While always having an international focus, none were as important to him as the politics, culture and economics of our hemisphere.

During the middle of the 80’s decade, Caribbean/Central American Action (C/CAA) was working hard to pass the Caribbean Basin Initiative to stimulate private sector development in the region and to defend many new and fragile democracies.  David Rockefeller served as our Chairman during this period and as a result of his leadership, many North American and regional companies responded to his call to action. Looking back today, the result of this effort was that the region experienced one of its most successful period of economic expansion in the last century.  We have lost a true friend to the region in David’s passing.

Auguste E. Rimpel, Jr.  

Founding Member, C/CAA Board of Directors

Former Vice Chairman and Treasurer