CC to HP Conversion Calculator

CC to HP and HP to CC Conversion

The CC to HP conversion calculator offers a basic understanding of the relationship between an engine’s displacement in cubic centimeters (CC) and its horsepower (HP).

While our calculator offers an initial understanding, converting CC to HP isn’t a direct equation. The power a particular engine can produce isn’t solely dependent on its displacement. Multiple facets come into play, including the engine’s design, its efficiency, the type of fuel it uses, among others.

Generalized Estimations

In some contexts, like motorcycle engines or smaller engines, certain ballpark figures can be applied. But remember, these numbers serve as broad guidelines. For instance, a prevalent approximation for naturally aspirated gasoline engines suggests an average power density of 60-70 hp per liter, which translates to 0.06-0.07 hp per cc

Variables in the Equation

Even with the above rule of thumb, variations abound. Two engines with the same CC might produce different HP due to factors like turbocharging, combustion efficiency, or even the wear-and-tear they’ve experienced.