How to Handle Disgruntled Employees

Being a business leader, one of your duties is to keep all your employees happy. Failing to do so is a recipe for disaster and will lead to all kinds of negativity that will affect your company as a whole. That’s why whenever you see a disgruntled employee, make sure to take action as soon as possible.

However, keep in mind that there are some few factors why an employee gets disgruntled. In some cases, it may be from their attitude. Or worse, maybe because of your company itself why they act like this. That’s why we have the HR manager to calm down disgruntled employees. With that said, let’s have a deep dive on disgruntled employees and how to manage them.

What are Disgruntled Employees?

It’s easy to identify disgruntled employees. They are the ones who will grumble and moan about everything while inside the workplace. They create a negative energy that can annoy the hell out of it to their fellow workers.

In some cases, this kind of employee is not your company’s fault. It’s just who they are and kudos to yourself for hiring this kind of employee. Bravo! There’s not much you can do about it and that’s where the HR enters the scene. Well-trained HR’s can handle disgruntled employees and deal with them before it gets worst.

Why You Need to Deal with Disgruntled Employees ASAP

There are plenty of reasons why you need to address this kind of situation as soon as possible. And these are:

  • They Can Spread Negative Vibes – Disgruntled employees can spread their negativity inside the workplace. And if they do, it can be too hard to handle once started.  It can destruct productivity and happiness inside the workplace and can lead to serious issues that may affect your company.
  • They Can Sabotage Your Company – Disgruntle employees has the power to destroy your company without notice. Not necessarily meaning they have to go berserk inside the workplace. What we mean is that they can spread false rumors that will eventually go viral if not prevented. If the rumors will spread, it can create a bad reputation to your company and there’s nothing else you can do but to fire them to assess the situation.
  • Your Online Reputation is at Stake – And it doesn’t end there. If ever a disgruntled employee is assigned to do online task, then prepare for the worst. They will likely respond angrily to a customer, or send informal emails to clients. If this happens, potential leads and partners will likely stay away from your company.
  • They can go AWOL without notice – Disgruntled employees have unstable emotions. This will get worst if this kind of employee has a special skill that your company really needs. At some point, they will probably go AWOL without notice leaving all their work behind and come back in the next few days. This won’t matter to them because they already know they can be fired in an instant. It can be a damaging scenario that you won’t really like.

How to Treat Disgruntled Employees

Of course, when there’s a problem, there’s always a solution as well. Below are a few tips to avoid disgruntle employees for a happier workplace environment.

  • Treat each other with respect and value. This will make disgruntled employees feel welcome and accepted inside your workplace.
  • Avoid favoritism. Sometimes, this is the core reason why some employees get disgruntled because you are in favor of a specific employee only instead of treating them all equally.
  • Lack of recognition makes a disgruntled employee. That’s why no matter how simple they have done inside the workplace, you must recognize them or give them bonuses as an award to make them feel they have achieved something great.