Micromolar to Millimolar Converter

Micromolar to Millimolar Converter

How many millimolar in 1 micromolar?

The answer is 0.001 millimolar. One micromolar (µM) is one-thousandth of a millimolar (mM), reflecting the relationship between the micro- (10^-6) and milli- (10^-3) prefixes.

Measurement Units: Micromolar and Millimolar

  • Micromolar (µM) is a unit of concentration that means one millionth of a molar, or 10^-6 M.
  • Millimolar (mM) is a concentration unit denoting one thousandth of a molar, or 0.001 M (10^-3 M).

In the scope of molarity, which is measured in moles per liter:

1 mole/cubic meter equals to:

  • 1 millimolar (mM), or
  • 1,000 micromolar (µM)

For all critical calculations, check your results carefully; even though our tool is precise, rounding errors may occur.

Conversion Form

Enter the value in micromolar to convert it to millimolar.

Quick Conversion Chart of Micromolar to Millimolar

Micromolar (µM) Millimolar (mM)
1 µM 0.001 mM
10 µM 0.01 mM
100 µM 0.1 mM
500 µM 0.5 mM
1,000 µM 1 mM
10,000 µM 10 mM
100,000 µM 100 mM

Use this conversion chart as a quick reference guide for converting micromolar to millimolar. For precise or large quantity conversions, our online tool will provide the exact results you need.

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