Micromolar to Nanomolar Converter

How many nanomolars in 1 micromolar?

The answer is 1,000 nanomolars. Conversion from micromolar to nanomolar is straightforward since ‘micro-‘ denotes a factor of 10^-6 and ‘nano-‘ denotes a factor of 10^-9.

Measurement Units: Micromolar and Nanomolar

  • The micromolar (µM) is a unit of concentration that represents one millionth of a molar (10^-6 M).
  • The nanomolar (nM) is a unit of concentration that signifies one billionth of a molar (10^-9 M).

In the SI derived unit for molarity, which is mole per cubic meter (mol/m³):

1 mole/cubic meter is equivalent to:

  • 1,000 micromolar (µM), or
  • 1,000,000 nanomolar (nM)

We recommend users to always verify their results since small rounding errors may occur.

Conversion Form

Input your concentration in micromolar to get the equivalent concentration in nanomolar.

Quick Conversion Chart of Micromolar to Nanomolar

Micromolar (µM) Nanomolar (nM)
1 µM 1,000 nM
10 µM 10,000 nM
50 µM 50,000 nM
100 µM 100,000 nM
200 µM 200,000 nM
500 µM 500,000 nM
1,000 µM 1,000,000 nM

This conversion chart allows for quick reference when converting between micromolar and nanomolar units. For more precise or large amount conversions, use our converter tool for accurate results.

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