Millimolar to Molar Converter

Millimolar to Molar Converter

How many molar in 1 millimolar?

The answer is 0.001 molar. The prefix ‘milli-‘ denotes one thousandth, so there are 1,000 millimolar in a single molar (M) concentration.

Measurement Units: Millimolar and Molar

  • Millimolar (mM) is a unit of concentration that signifies one thousandth of a molar, or 10^-3 M.
  • Molar (M) is the primary unit of concentration in chemistry, representing a concentration of 1 mole per liter (mol/L).

In the context of the SI derived unit for molarity (mole per cubic meter):

1 mole/cubic meter is equivalent to:

  • 1 molar (M), or
  • 1,000 millimolar (mM)

Accuracy is critical in scientific calculations, so while our tool aims to provide precise conversions, we always suggest verifying the results, especially for those measurements that are at the limit of precision.

Conversion Form

Use this section to input your concentration in millimolar to get the equivalent in molar.

Quick Conversion Chart of Millimolar to Molar

Millimolar (mM) Molar (M)
1 mM 0.001 M
10 mM 0.01 M
100 mM 0.1 M
500 mM 0.5 M
1,000 mM 1 M
10,000 mM 10 M
100,000 mM 100 M

Refer to this chart for common conversions from millimolar to molar. For values not listed here or for more accurate calculations, our conversion tool is the perfect solution.

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