Molar to Millimolar Converter

Molar to Millimolar Converter

How many millimolar in 1 molar?

The answer is 1,000 millimolar. This is because ‘milli-‘ represents one thousandth, hence there are 1,000 millimolars in one molar concentration.

Measurement Units: Molar and Millimolar

  • Molar (M) is the unit of concentration that is commonly used in chemistry, signifying a mole per liter (mol/L).
  • Millimolar (mM) represents one thousandth of a molar, or 0.001 M (10^-3 M).

In terms of the SI derived unit for molarity (mole per cubic meter):

1 mole/cubic meter corresponds to:

  • 0.001 molar (M), or
  • 1 millimolar (mM)

It is important to ensure accuracy in your conversions. Although our tool is designed for precision, always double-check your results, especially for highly sensitive applications.

Conversion Form

Simply enter your concentration in molar to obtain the equivalent millimolar value.

Quick Conversion Chart of Molar to Millimolar

Molar (M) Millimolar (mM)
0.001 M 1 mM
0.01 M 10 mM
0.1 M 100 mM
0.5 M 500 mM
1 M 1,000 mM
10 M 10,000 mM
100 M 100,000 mM

This conversion chart is a handy reference for some of the most common conversions from molar to millimolar. For any non-standard or highly precise conversions, make use of our conversion tool for accurate results.

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