Molar to Nanomolar Converter

How many nanomolars in 1 molar?

The answer is 1,000,000,000 nanomolars. The conversion is based on the fact that the prefix ‘nano-‘ signifies one billionth (10^-9), while the molar (M) unit is the base unit for molarity in the SI system, without a prefix.

Measurement Units: Molar and Nanomolar

  • Molar (M) is the unit of concentration used in chemistry to denote a 1 mole per liter concentration (mol/L).
  • Nanomolar (nM) is a unit that denotes a concentration of one billionth of a mole per liter (10^-9 mol/L).

To put it in perspective with the SI derived unit for molarity (mole per cubic meter):

1 mole/cubic meter is equal to:

  • 1,000,000,000 nanomolar (nM), or
  • 1 molar (M)

While we strive for precision, please note that rounding errors can occasionally occur. Therefore, double-checking your results is recommended for critical calculations.

Conversion Form

Enter the value in molar to get the corresponding value in nanomolar.

Quick Conversion Chart of Molar to Nanomolar

Molar (M) Nanomolar (nM)
1 M 1,000,000,000 nM
0.1 M 100,000,000 nM
0.01 M 10,000,000 nM
0.001 M 1,000,000 nM
0.0001 M 100,000 nM
0.00001 M 10,000 nM
0.000001 M 1,000 nM

This chart serves as a rapid reference guide for converting molar to nanomolar units. For precise conversions or those involving non-standard molar concentrations, utilize our conversion tool to ensure accuracy.

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