MTG Power Level Calculator

The MTG power level calculator aims to provide a basic idea of your deck’s strength in terms of speed, consistency, and interaction. It takes into account several crucial components of a deck, such as average converted mana cost (CMC), draw engines, tutors, ramp, and interaction.

Key Components Defined:

  • Average CMC: This value indicates how quickly a deck can play its cards. A lower average CMC generally means a faster and potentially more aggressive or efficient deck. Decks with a higher CMC might be slower but could possess powerful late-game strategies.
  • Draw Engines: These are cards or mechanisms within the deck that allow for additional card draw, enhancing the consistency and options available to the player.
  • Tutors: Cards that let you search your deck for specific cards, boosting the deck’s consistency and enabling key combos or strategies.
  • Ramp: Mechanisms that allow you to access more mana than the standard one land per turn, accelerating your game plan.
  • Interaction: Cards or strategies that can interfere with or respond to the opponent’s plays, such as counterspells, removal, or other instant-speed tricks.

How to Use:

  • For Average CMC, input the average converted mana cost of your deck.
  • Rate your deck’s capabilities in terms of Draw Engines, Tutors, Ramp, and Interaction on a scale of 0 to 10.

The calculator will then provide an estimation of your deck’s power level. Remember, while this tool offers a guideline, Magic: The Gathering is a complex game, and many external factors can influence a deck’s performance. It’s always a good idea to playtest and adapt based on actual gameplay experiences