Nanomolar to Micromolar Converter

Nanomolar to Micromolar Converter

How many micromolars in 1 nanomolar?

The answer is 0.001 micromolars. Converting between nanomolar and micromolar is simple: there are 1,000 nanomolars in 1 micromolar. This is because ‘nano-‘ denotes a factor of 10^-9 and ‘micro-‘ denotes a factor of 10^-6.

Measurement Units: Nanomolar and Micromolar

  • The nanomolar (nM) is a unit of concentration that represents one billionth of a molar (10^-9 M).
  • The micromolar (µM) is a unit of concentration that is one millionth of a molar (10^-6 M).

The SI derived unit for molarity (amount-of-substance concentration) is the mole per cubic meter (mol/m³).

1 mole/cubic meter is equivalent to:

  • 1,000,000 nanomolar (nM), or
  • 1,000 micromolar (µM)

Please note that while we strive for accuracy, rounding errors may occasionally occur. It is always best practice to double-check your results.

Conversion Form

Enter your values in nanomolar to receive the equivalent concentration in micromolar.

Quick Conversion Chart of Nanomolar to Micromolar

Nanomolar (nM) Micromolar (µM)
1 nM 0.001 µM
10 nM 0.01 µM
50 nM 0.05 µM
100 nM 0.1 µM
200 nM 0.2 µM
500 nM 0.5 µM
1,000 nM 1 µM

Use this conversion chart as a quick reference to convert between nanomolar and micromolar units, or try our conversion tool for more precise calculations.

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