Social Business Ideas

Energy-efficient stoves

Business is an integral part of modern society, and it’s an activity that seeks to satisfy the demands of the customers by providing particular services or goods. However, for the majority of business owners, achieving a profit is the primary goal.

But, in the past decade, we have seen a surprisingly high number of businesses that were not only focused on achieving monetary gain but also positively affect society.

The investors of social enterprises want to achieve a particular cause or benefit for society by operating their company.

However, the impact they have on the environment or the society may determine the success or the failure of the business, while profit comes secondary. Therefore, if you are interested in this type of activity, then we are going to share a couple of social business ideas which help you strive.

Kiva online loans

A lot of medium and small companies depend on loans to get them off the ground and succeeding. But, people who have these types of business ideas usually don’t have access to loans, since they can’t fulfill all the terms and conditions. Usually, bad credit rating or inability to reach lenders has them stuck in one place.

Kiva online loans

However, Kiva is an online lending platform that might solve these issues. Therefore, individuals who require money, just need to go to their website to explain why they need funding, and Kiva might be able to help them out.

This social business is located in San Francisco, and it allows customers to borrow as little as $25 to escape poverty, to large sums of money to start their business. A lot of donors, corporations, and national organizations support this social business, so even people with the lowest income can pay back the loans.

Energy-efficient stoves

Energy efficiency has been an issue for some time since the human population is quickly draining all the recourses, while at the same time polluting our planet. The use of non-renewable fuels creates a global warming effect, so any business that tackles this problem deserves a reward and recognition.

For that reason, Biolite might be one of the solutions. This company managed to develop an innovative, thermoelectric, wood-burning stove. It uses a minimal amount of wood to create plenty of energy.

This prevents waste of timber, and a lot of corporate giants have already adopted this new technology.

Biolite stoves are quite compact, don’t take a lot of space, and you can choose the size according to your needs. For that reason, any kind of energy-efficient device can make the world a better place.

Organic clothing

The organic wave is currently shaking up the industries across the globe. Anything from organic fuel, food, and now clothing, made from eco-friendly materials are welcomed with open hands among societies nowadays.

Organic clothing

Rapanui is a fashion brand that designs clothes of environmentally-friendly materials. All fabrics are sourced from fibrous plants, while their factory is wind-powered. The entire operation uses 100% renewable energy, which doesn’t affect the environment at all.

For that reason, this social business has attracted a lot of attention, while their management helps young individuals find employment in their factory. Besides providing affordable and organic clothes, Rapanui also ensure people find jobs within their company.

Belu water

Water is an essential recourse these days. We don’t only use it for cooking, but for hydration and general hygiene as well. Unfortunately, there are a lot of communities around the world that don’t have access to freshwater. However, Belu water is a social business that looks to improve the situation across the plant, but in an eco-friendly way.

They design bottles made of plastic and glass, which were used to deliver free freshwater to less fortunate ones.