Starting Your Dog Daycare Center with The Right Equipment

Pet businesses are booming, especially in a country like USA. Based on a survey, there are 70% of households in the US who owns a four-legged pet such as dogs and cats. No wonder why a lot of animal lovers in the country has opened pet daycare centers to earn profit.

We love to spoil our dogs with a lot of treats and toys. However, we tend to get busy at some time to the extent we’re going to leave our beloved feline friends alone at home. That’s why dog daycare center’s existed into place to solve that kind of problem.

So if you’re one of the people that loves to start a dog daycare center, you need to have the right equipment and tools before you begin. With that said, listed below are the essentials you need before starting that kind of business. Let’s dive in!


Before anything else, we need to find a suitable premise for your dog daycare center. The most ideal one is beside major roads where people can easily see your daycare center. It’s best to avoid residential areas since dogs like to bark a lot and may disturb the neighbors around the vicinity.

Make sure that your daycare center should have access to clean water, and away from harmful elements that may terrorize the dogs. And lastly, don’t forget about all the paperwork such as licenses and permit. Every business, no matter big or small, need these papers before starting.


It’s already a saturated market and you’re going to join in the show to flood it even more. Remember, you have a lot of competitors in this field so that’s why you need to do your research and think of unique ways to market your pet daycare center.

There are plenty of ways to market your business. If you want to go the traditional road, then contact your local newspaper for them to advertise your pet daycare center. But if you want even more success, use social media to your advantage. Create a Facebook or Twitter page and market from there. Or better yet, create a website and let your online presence be heard.

Getting the Equipment You Need

Dogs create a lot of mess. That’s why it is important to get some cleaning equipment first and cast your worries later. Remember, viruses, bacteria, and parasites like to live in messy places so always ensure that your dog daycare center is as squeaky clean as possible. For that, you need to have:

  • Poop scoop and bags
  • Trash can
  • Mops, buckets, brooms
  • A sink for washing bowls and other items
  • Washing machine and dryer for beddings

Keep your pet daycare center clean by sweeping it every day to keep it away from dusts and harmful particles that the dogs may inhale unconsciously.

Air Conditioning Unit + Dehumidifier

Dogs need to be kept at a constant temperature and you can do that by getting an air condition unit paired with a dehumidifier. Additionally, you can also get an air purifier as well to keep the air fresh and clean. What’s best is that it can remove pet dander and doggy smells that circulate the air keeping it clean and away from bacteria.

Pet/Doggy Items

Now that we have everything ready and set, it’s time to get the doggy essentials for your dog daycare center. Dogs need to have their own separate bowl, leash, brushes, and collar. That’s why it is important to buy such items in batches so there’s one for everyone. Don’t forget to disinfect such items before using to avoid any harmful germs and bacteria that may get into the dogs.

Keep each item separated for each dog, like putting it in a locker of some sorts, or if you’re budget conscious, a box will do. Label these boxes with the names of the dogs to avoid confusion. Lastly, don’t forget to get a dog first aid kit just in case something happens. If you had the cash, you can hire a pet veterinarian to take part with your dog daycare center.

Keeping Track of Everything

You may want to hire an assistant to record every important detail that goes on with your dog daycare business. Alternatively, there are plenty of record keeping apps that’s available for your smartphone to save yourself some cash from hiring one.

Extra Services

Of course, a dog daycare center is not only about keeping an eye on dogs. You can also implement some extra services as well such as doggy baths, doggy walks, grooming services, and more. Make sure to charge a little extra when offering such.