The Difference Between Brand and Company

There seems to be a fine line between Brand and Company. It’s hard not to mix them one way to another because both are related to business. In simple terms, a company can legally happen quickly. Whereas a brand is built over time. People say a brand is just a name that people will think of you as a company. To avoid confusion, let’s see what are the difference between the two.

 Brand Versus Company

Every person that’s related to a business, whether you are an employee or a leader, should know the difference between the two. This is because this will help you think of better ideas to promote your business. To simplify things, brand building starts with the story and culture of a company.

This means you created a brand base on the foundation of your company. Every brand starts with a mission and a vision and this where you start building the name of your company as well. So basically, your company is the foundation of the brand you’re establishing.

What A Company is All About

When a name, logo, and legal fillings are all settled and ready, this is where a company is born, and that’s it! Keep in mind that a company is not tied into a mission and vision because that is the responsibility of a brand which we are going to tackle in the next section. To sum what a company is all about, they exist on a day to day basis and includes:

  • A website
  • Social media pages
  • Promotions and offers
  • Products/Services

When it comes to building a brand, there are a few extra elements that you need to take not of.

Building Your Brand

Building a brand starts way before the company name and logo even existed. It’s like a blueprint of some sorts where everything is planned out before going bigtime. This is the time where you plan what kind of products you will serve, and in what way are you going to make an impact to the world. This is where innovation takes place and how the culture and story of a company is created.

Brand building involves a lot of things ranging from media interaction down to communication strategy. This means everything including the visuals, style, photography factors is the one that makes the brand, a brand. Your products and services are only secondary because that’s the responsibility of a company. Basically, the brand includes:

  • Colors, visuals, and style that is tied to a mission.
  • Events, media, and promotions that is tied to a mission and a community.
  • A company that has a mission and vision.
  • Value-based community that drives them as a business.

Becoming a Part of a Brand

In most cases, people love to partner with brands because it gives them a sense of power because they became part of something bigger. The mission and vision of your brand gives trust to people, making you a reputable brand in the industry. Combining this with promotions and you will have sky-rocketing profit in no time.

When you want to build a brand, think of how you started from the ground and worked your way up to the top. With this story, you can use it to your advantage on what kind of products and services you will offer as a brand. Think of ways how you can entice the community and what you want them to feel when they hear about your brand.


Summing it up, if you’re happy with building a company, then there isn’t a problem with that. However, if you want to level up and establish a brand, you need to take extra considerations such as a mission and vision, innovation, and how you can maintain the brand over time. The choice is yours!