Tips in Designing a Customer-Focused Business Process

Some companies have been struggling how to have an effective customer-centric business. There are two types of process about this. Is it designed with the customer in mind? Or only for the good of the company? In most cases, businesses have been adopting the latter compared to the former, leading to their business going downhill.

As said above, there are two types of orientation that goes into a business. The “Inside-out orientation” and an “Outside-in orientation”. So what’s the deal between the two of them?

Inside-Out orientation: This is the process that is reviewed through the eyes of your company itself.

Outside-In orientation: This is the process where you are walk in the shoes of the customer. You will also see your company through the customer’s eyes as well. It is an effective process to see the needs of the customer.

As you can see, if you want your company/business to be customer-centric, then going with the outside-in orientation process is what you need. So with that in mind, how can we effectively create a customer-focused process? For it to be successful, the following key points below should be kept in mind:

  • Definite ownership from an individual or team – This ownership facilitates organizational product-based processes that is not customer-focused. That’s why it’s better to have a single owner or organization to catch the experience until customer focus is put into action.
  • Everyone inside the business should take part – It’s not only the leader of the business alone. From the managers down to the employees, everyone should take part to provide an effective customer experience no matter how big or small it is.
  • A journey map is a must – Having a journey map gives you a better picture of the goal you’re aiming for. This will lead to a more successful customer-focused process.
  • Let customers be part of the design process – One of the winning factors of creating a customer-focused experience is to make the customers be part of the design process. This will let them see the changes of the process that gives them a better view of what’s to come.
  • Be committed and do for the best – Designing a customer-focused process needs commitment for it to be successful. Additionally, you should also build it which can exceed customer’s expectations as well.

And that’s it! By following these key points above, you can build a customer-focused process in no time. Make sure that you have set realistic and achievable goals when creating such. A defined goal is a must that entices the emotional aspect of the customer. And after that, you need to have an extensive look at the process base on the goal you created. Finally, the design finally comes into place. Ensure that this design has a transformational impact to both the customer and for the company.