Towing Estimate Calculator

Keep in mind that this is a rudimentary estimation and might not reflect actual market prices. Adjustments may be needed for accurate estimates.

Pricing Assumptions for 2023 (may not reflect actual costs)

Base rates: Car = $50, SUV = $60, Truck = $70, Motorcycle = $40.
Per mile rates: Car = $3/mile, SUV = $3.5/mile, Truck = $4/mile, Motorcycle = $2.5/mile.
Extra charge for non-operable vehicles: $20 (regardless of vehicle type).

When considering towing services, many factors can influence the final cost. Our towing estimate calculator is designed to provide a ballpark figure based on 2023 pricing trends.

Factors That Affect Price

  • Vehicle Type & Condition: A non-operational SUV will generally cost more than a standard car.
  • Distance: Longer distances can significantly increase costs, especially if per-mile rates are high.
  • Specific Towing Company: Rates can vary between providers. It’s always a good idea to get quotes from multiple sources.
  • Location: Regional differences can play a part; towing in a bustling city might cost more than in a rural area.
  • Potential Additional Costs: Sometimes, the base and per-mile rates are just the tip of the iceberg. You might need to factor in costs for roadside assistance, specialized towing equipment, or any other auxiliary services.

Always check with local service providers for the most accurate quotes and ensure you’re getting the best value for your money.