Workplace Games

Team building activities are often followed by a low groan, which can be heard throughout the office. But, what people fail to understand is the reason behind the team building activities. In fact, it’s an excellent opportunity for the employees to get to know each other and spend some quality time.

But, instead of forcing your workers to play some sports, or spend time outside, you can introduce them to workplace games. In this case, bonding employees, as well as building friendship will only help your business model. While they strive to be productive and engaged, your workers might apply the same practice on your company and projects they do.

So, here are a couple of games, which can help you create an efficient and happier team.

Heads up

This is quite a straightforward game which you can play using your smartphone, iOS or Android, just download an app on your phone or tablet. The rules are really simple and you can play Heads up in a team, or with one partner only.

Heads up

First of all, you need to pick a topic. Then, one player takes the phone and places it on his forehead, facing the other player or teammates. The team gives clues, without saying the actual word or object that is on the screen, before the time runs out. With each correct answer, the player will move phone up to go to the next clue.

The team that has the most correct answers is the winner.


Charades is a common, but highly competitive game, which is easy for all team members to play. You divide your team and have them competing against each other, or you can keep the team together and set up one member to provide silent clues to the entire room of people.

Make sure to use a timer so that everyone has an opportunity to get a turn to give their answers. Also, decide on topics and have them written on small cards.

In this case, you can use almost anything, book titles, dictionary words, movies, objects, TV shows, and so on.

However, remember that that silent performance is crucial when it comes to this game. In this case, the person should act out the clues, without mouthing the words, or creasing other noises.

Board games

Board games are an interesting way to engage your entire team. So, whether you just play cards during a lunch break, or organize a monopoly competition at the office, this shift from a computer screen will awaken competing spirit between your employees while allowing them to have some fun.

Board games

Regardless of which game you choose to play, they are simple and easy, and won’t take too much of your time, while offering you a break from work.


Whether you or your employees are fans of arts, history, leisure, geography, or sports, the box of trivia questions can shake up the moon in the office. You can play this as a board game, or ask a couple of question over lunch break.

Also, you can split your employees into teams and ask a quick round questions. This will get everyone jumping in with the answers. With a few more boxes, you can combine the questions and give all your workers a chance to answer them.


M&M is a game which allows your team to get to know each other. Additionally, it’s an excellent icebreaker for startup companies, that have hired a lot of new employees. In this case, you simply pour M&M or other similar candies into a bowl and have them grab as many or as little as they want.

For each candy they grab, they have to answer one question, for example, what is their favorite animal, color, movie, and so on.